Arrival Time Media Company is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with people, businesses, municipalities and educational establishments to enhance living and learning conditions through the use of media. Our mission is to promote and provide multimedia resources for the expansion of the media industry in the Midwest Region of America.

One of our missions is to provide quality content including but not limited to our annual events.

The purpose of the events are:

  • To promote local gifts and talents
  • To provide urban marketing opportunities for brands having a kindred purpose
  • Fundraisers to support the Arrival Time Media Company’s mission and purpose
  • An appreciation to our sponsors

The above video footage is from a prior talent showcase featuring a few of our Arrival Time Media affiliates.  For Arrival Time Media to provide events of comparable quality, the support of donations and sponsors are needed and greatly appreciated. Arrival Time Media Company is a registered nonprofit organization currently seeking sponsorship donations for the marketing and production of our annual events. Arrival Time Media offers promotional opportunities through our prospective marketing streams.