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Text Message Discussions About the Laquan McDonald Case

What’s going on in Chicago? Check out this text message discussion about the Laquan McDonald Case.

“Subject: Fwd:
Hey cuz, pray that the citizens allow the courts to work & that they don’t riot tonight or tomorrow in the city per the recent video release of a CPD officer killing a young man.  Dude had a knife and probably was on something.  However, he was walking at an away angle.  The other officers stated they did not feel their lives were in danger.  But the shooting officer shot 16 times!  I’m all for ignorant negroes facing justice & going to jail, even being brought down by lethal force, but I think dude was probably dead while on the ground after bullet number 2 or 3.  Wow! The Officer emptied the clip & was about to reload & start again, until stopped by another officer.  Sounds personal!  Maybe bring dude down with a leg shot. Then at close range shock the He&$  out of him with the wired tazers.  Guarantee that’s the worst day in his life, with a slug in his thigh and high electric

voltage running through his blood he would’ve wished he was dead!  That also would have messed up his high!

(1/2) Fwd: That is a big part of the problem.  Lack of respect for the police.  That was well put cuz.  I too believe the majority of cops are good.  While I do

(2/2) nt agree with your sentiment on shooting the guy in the leg I do believe 16 shots was excessive.

Fwd: What I can’t understand is why do black lives only matter when when someone else kills us.

Fwd: Amen, say it brother.

Fwd: Five people were shot just yesterday on the south side and no-one protests that??!!  It is like that all across the country??!!

Fwd: I guess only when white police kill black lives.?”

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