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Public Assistance

Public Assistance in the State of Illinois

First of all we will take a different approach to the issue. Let’s concentrate on the mentality and thought patterns of others that never experienced public assistance. This is not to condemn welfare or the people on it.

The purpose in writing this article is because it was brought to my attention that in the year 2015, people still condemn or look down on others needing government assistance. Ask yourself, democrat or wanna be republican, politician or rich man, what happens to a woman or man that has become unemployed from unexpected layoffs, company acquisitions or departmental downsizing, and their children are asking them when is it time to eat? Furthermore, I notice that it’s not just the rich man or the republicans that have these old fashioned, played out ideas about welfare or public assistance. It’s what I call “wanna be republican” thinkers that have little money, yet may or may not own property, that suddenly see themselves better than someone getting government assistance. Yet the same wanna be republican thinkers may be receiving government assistance too, such as, social security benefits.

The point is just because someone else has less money or is receiving assistance from the government (America calls it welfare and a few other politically correct names), does not mean that now there’s an opportunity to look down on them. If speaking against government assistance, foolishly agreeing with the rich politicians whom have never had a hungry day in their lives and probably don’t really know what a gallon of milk costs, speak again. Because a person that is hungry and in need of food should not be punished for needing help in the state they live and looking for work in. What kind of people don’t care about other human beings eating? If we care about animals, then we should really care about women and children eating too.

Bossy Summers




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