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Light A Candle for Paris

Light A Candle for Paris

It is not about the death toll from the the terrorist attack, but about the aftermath of this tragic event.
It is now time for all people of all different backgrounds and religions to come together and be at peace with each other. Over the years, America has shut their eyes on racial issues pretending like it’s not real.
However, anything that glorifies hate and evil deserves our attention. Terrorists and terrorism are very real, and prayers go out to all of the loved ones that lost family members in this tragedy.

Some believe that gun laws in Paris might have prevented the attack. However, terrorists don’t obey or abide by gun laws in France, or anywhere for that matter. Therefore, gun laws would not matter because terrorists still try to carry out their mission to take the lives of innocent people. America, light a candle for Paris and for all of the people that lost loved ones during this disturbing tragedy. “We love Paris!”

Bossy Summers

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