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Pawn Shops vs Independent Buyers

Pawn Shops vs Independent Buyers

What is the difference between the local pawn shop and an independent buyer? Maybe it’s the drive a person has to make after gathering unwanted materials that may or may not be worth anything. Maybe it’s the line of other individuals waiting to get the lowest amount for their handful. The difference is actually major.

Sometimes after discovering that gold ropes and nameplates are not the latest trend anymore, 80’s babies throw them in an old jewelry box or just a box to be forgotten. How about that gold herringbone with the broken clasp and silver hoop earrings with no backs? When thoughts of extra cash come like around holidays or for summer vacations, that dusty old jewelry sets a “bling” off in the brain.

Independent buyers have more negotiation power to be sure the highest amount is given for “unwanteds”. Independent buyers will also be glad to share information about the market and may be willing to come directly to the seller. How about that for finding something at home, making a simple phone call, and the cash comes?

Zach has been an independent buyer for over 5 years now and finds it better to offer greater customer service. He comes directly and will make accommodations to make individuals feel more comfortable. He also offers the highest amount for gold, silver, and unwanted jewelry. Get rid of those old video games and DVD’s never watched. He will take a look at those items too. Zach can be conveniently reached by phone at (708)253-8689. Use “Media Gold” as a coupon code for services offered.

So whats the difference between pawn shops and independent buyers? Customer service, comfort, and convenience top the list. Don’t make an impulse decision and get less. Contact an independent buyer and get more.

Julia Stacy


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